The Ideal Content of a Hotel Website

02 September 2019

The Ideal Content Of A Hotel Website

Hotel-related Blog content for SEO boost

Your hotel’s on-site SEO depends on a great extent to the content you have posted. For this reason, it is important to create a special Blog section in which you will post interesting articles about your hotel and the destination.

For the optimum results, use Google’s Keyword Planner in order to find out the most relevant keywords your audience searches for your destination.

Concierge section for high-quality after sales

Hotels are undoubtedly the strongest point of reference for travelers, since they use them to organize their whole trip and learn about the things to do at the destination. Therefore, it is important to have a special section with the relevant to your hotel’ profile things to do at your destination, since they can even become a reason for booking.

Increase your revenue by collaborating with affiliate platforms that provide Tours & Activities and give you a commission for every tour’s sale.

Besides the audience that is still making a research, hotel websites are also visited by travelers who have already confirmed their booking. Therefore, you should always have relevant content for them as well.

Emphasize on your hotel’s experiences for efficient Upselling

In hotel websites, it is common to simply present the various hotels’ facilities, as well as their technical features. However, travelers are mostly interested in the experiences they will live during their stay at your hotel, therefore a major focus of the content (verbal and visual) should be given towards this direction.

Create a special section for each facility focused on the unique experience the traveler will live, always accompanied by the relevant photo material.

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